About Prime-Rhyme

Like every great product, Prime-Rhyme started from a need, it all began in one rainy afternoon on a cold winter day, I was laying in bed wrapped in my fluffy blanket, trying to find a rhyme for a birthday greeting for a close friend of mine.
but to my surprise, it was not that easy job to accomplish, I tried some of the biggest most famous rhyming dictionaries at the time and it took me quite some time and effort to find a rhyme that suits my need.

Now taking the fact that i am a programmer in my education, and an entrepreneur by heart, I could not let this situation continue!
from here to there after a few weeks for development of all the databases, algorithms, and ideas that makes this website truly great, prime-rhyme was launched to the welcoming grace of the inter webs.

Until the writing of these words, prime-rhyme is still taking its first steps in the online rhyming dictionaries community, straggling to get noticed.
but I am sure that the day will come that every man woman and child that ever wish to write a song or a birthday greeting will have the name prime-rhyme comes to their minds, because I already know how really awesome it is.

Some of Prime-Rhyme advantages

  • It sorts results by rhyming quality and word popularity, thus saving you a lot of time fileting all the garbage words
  • It can find rhymes for unknown words like slang words and new words